Speed Up Your Computer with these Essential Windows 10 Tips

Are you having trouble managing Windows 10 on your PC? Don’t panic! Your PC might be facing problems, but you have the best solution for it. You follow these tips, and you would be happy to enjoy the performance of your PC.

Change the PC’s Power Settings

Most users want to save battery life of their PC, so they use Power Save Setting on their computer. Yes, you would extend the battery life, but it affects your PC’s performance. So, what are the best things you can do? You need to change the computer’s power settings to Balanced or High Performance. The result is you have fast and excellent use of your PC.

Here are key steps you need to follow to change your computer’s power settings:

  1. You choose the power plan you want to have (High Performance or Balanced).
  2. Then, you exit the Control Panel

The High-Performance setting uses much power when you’re using your PC. It’s best to use this setting if your PC or laptop is plugged to a power source. Regarding the Balanced option, it balances your PC’s battery and performance. It’s an ideal setting if your computer isn’t plugged to a power source.

Stop Programs that Are Running in the Background

Programs that you rarely use or don’t use at all affect the performance of your PC. So, it’s better to stop these Programs before your PC becomes too sluggish. Here are the fast and easy steps you can do:

  1. You select Task Manager and press Control Shift Esc, or you click the lower portion of the screen, and you select Task Manager.
  2. You press More Details that you can see on the bottom of the PC’s screen.You do this in case the Task Manager is launched as Compact App.
  3. Then, you see the Task Manager tab would appear on the screen.
  4. You click the Start-Up Tab where you see Windows programs that automatically launch when Windows starts up. From here, you can see how these programs slow down your PC.
  5. You can stop programs to stop by doing a right-click, and you select Disable. Take note: It doesn’t disable the selected program completely. But, it prevents the program launch when the computer starts up. You can enable the Programs to run again by going back to Task Manager, and you click enabled.

Prevent OneDrive from Synching

In the OneDrive storage, you can keep your data and files protected by keeping the files up to date. It serves an effective backup of all your files or data in case your hard disk or PC dies. Here’s how you can prevent it from synching:

  1. You Right Click One Drive icon that you can find on the right part in the Taskbar.
  2. Next, you click Pause Synching select 2, 8 or 24 hours depending on the hours you want it to pause.

So, the next time you experience your PC slows down, you try these steps and see the big difference it can offer your PC use. Come, try it now and experience good results.

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